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Service Department

Our certified and experienced technicians are trained in repairs from major engine overhauls to services and everything in between. We have the tools and technology to tackle your repairs and have your vehicle operating properly and efficiently.



Engine Repair

ACE is the Place! Cummins, Detroit, Cat, International, Mercedes, Volvo, Mack, Maxforce, Powerstroke, Duramax and more. The Certified technicians at  ACE can handle major repairs, such as overhauls, to minor repairs, to services. We are the team you can trust to treat your engine right!
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Computer Diagnostics

Today, all vehicles come with an ECM which controls the efficiency of your vehicles ignition, fuel, exhaust systems.  Warning sign- “Engine Light” comes on.  The most common reasons for the engine light to come on is:

Throttle Position Sensor
Manifold Pressure Sensor
DEF/DPF Soot Levels
Cooling Temp Sensor
Exhaust/Oxygen Sensor
Crank Shaft sensor
Cam Sensor

Our certified technicians at ACE are skilled at reading and diagnosing engine codes. We have the technological tooling to diagnose most models and we have factory OEM diagnostic software for Cummins, Detroit, Mercedes, International, and Paccar. Along with software for Meritor, Bendex, Wabco, ABS and Eaton.
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Charging Systems

When your vehicle wont start, there’s probably a charging system problem. There are several components to the charging system. The batteries, alternator, starter, belts, cables, etc. and if one goes bad then your stuck. Common problems are:

Bad Battery
Cables worn
Alternator went out
Starter went out

Let the professionals at ACE diagnose your troubles and  repair your vehicle so you can get moving again.
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Fuel Systems

Your fuel system contains a complex array of parts to properly fuel your vehicle. We have a variety of parts available and our trained technicians get your engines cooling down in no time. We have years of experience with repairing:

Fuel Filters
High Pressure Fuel Pumps
Bad Fuel
Wrong Fuel
Fuel Tanks

We can even check injection timing and re-calibrations.
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Cooling Systems

Keeping your engine cool is necessary for your engine to operate properly and not overheat. Let us pressurize your cooling system to figure out what's going on. Common cooling system repairs are:

Water Pumps
Thermostat  Radiator

Our Trained techs can fix your cooling problems, no matter what they are and we also carry a variety of parts too.
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Exhaust Systems

Today's exhaust systems have become much more complex in order to meet emission rules and regulations. Common problems are:

DPF/DEF Module soot levels
EGR Valves  
Wont Regen
Bad Sensors

Our technicians are experienced in troubleshooting and repairing the new complex exhaust systems of today. We have the skills and tools to get the job done right.
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Where did my power go? Well it might be your  turbo blew. At ACE, we frequently do Turbo,  Actuators, CAC, Dosiers, Hose, and Boot repairs. Turbos blow due to the extreme wear and tear they endure when you accelerate or go up a hill. Over time, they just have to be replaced...
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Braking System

The brake system is one of the most important parts for driving, without it our vehicles wouldn’t stop. If your “ABS” light goes on, its best to get your brakes inspected immediately. Other signs include:

Squealing/ grinding noise from when you use the brakes.
Your entire vehicle shakes

Take care of your brakes in the early stages to  prevent the repair costs from skyrocketing.  The certified technicians at Ace have the knowledge and experience to fix your brakes  with reliability you can trust.
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Drive Train

The drive train is the complex maze of gears that uses the engines torque to turn the wheels. It consists of the driveline, yokes, U-joints, drive axles, seals, center carrier bearing, differential, transfer cases, fly wheels and clutch. If just one piece is worn out, it will cause your vehicle to vibrate or not move. Come in and let us figure out what piece of this puzzle needs to be replaced or adjusted to and prevent further damage to the remaining pieces of your drive train.
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Does your transmission seem to be grinding or making noises? If so, the experienced, certified technicians at Ace have been working on PTO’s and Transmissions for over 30 years plus and they can diagnose the problem for you.  We can rebuild, R&R, and everything in between on manual or automatic transmissions.  We also have the Allison Worldwide factory OEM diagnostic software available for you. ACE also recommends using name brands such as Eaton, Allison and Detroit transmissions whenever possible.
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The suspension controls the motion of your vehicle to give you a nice and smooth  ride. The suspension system includes:

Air bags
Control arms
Ball Joints

Ace has the knowledge and experience to diagnose and repair your suspension problem to get your vehicle riding nice and smooth again.
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Need trailer repairs? Here at ACE, we can handle any repairs you may need done such as boggies, air bags, springs, hub oilers, brakes/drums, seals and bearings, electrical, and more.

We also work on refrigerated units, such as Thermo King, Carrier, from batteries, alternators, starters, water pumps, belts and Freon, We carry R134A and R404A.

Other services: DOT Inspections, Laser Alignments.
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Laser Alignment

If your truck is pulling to the side or your trailer isn't following behind you as it should be, then you may be out of alignment. Its important to get an alignment as soon as possible to prevent having to replace your tires or make repairs to the suspension.

ACE uses the 5 axle Computerized Protrack  Laser Alignment System to get you straight.  Providing a safe and cost efficient drive.
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HVAC stands for Heater, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. This is the system that provides hot air thru the heater in the winter and cold air thru the air conditioner in the summer, keeping you at just your perfect temperature. When either side of the system goes out, it can make driving unbearable. The team of experts at Ace are here to take care of all your HVAC problems. We are certified and have the necessary equipment to handle the job. We carry belts, air compressors, driers and R134A AND R404A Freon.
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Federal DOT Inspections

Commercial vehicles over 10,000 lbs must have an annual Federal DOT Inspection. The DOT inspection is to ensure that your vehicle is safe to operate on the roads. Items like brakes, lights, couplings, exhaust and tires are some of items checked.

We are certified to perform DOT Inspections.

Upon completion and passing- You will get a copy of the complete inspection along with a DOT Label to store in your glove box. Getting this done before your last one expires can save you valuable time.  
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Emergency Vehicle Repair

We value those that are dedicated to providing necessary services and we know how important it is for your units to run promptly and properly. ACE Truck Service is the place to go. We work on:

Fire Trucks
Ladder Trucks
Brush Trucks
Recue Units
Mobile Hospitals
Command Units
Fire Suppression Apparatus
Portable Extrication Equip.
CAFS/ Foam Systems

NMFM Certification for Pump and Hydraulics, Waterous Pump Certification, Hale Pump Certification  

Whether your problem is engine related or fire apparatus related,  we have the knowledge and expertise to fix your unit,  providing you with reliable transportation to get to the next call.  
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Mobile/ Roadside Services

Due to the vast distances between locations, we provide mobile services within a 100 mile radius of Gallup N.M. Provided with the information you give us, we will bring all the necessary parts and tools we think we may need. Our team of trained experts will be able to diagnose and repair, if possible, your Truck/RV/ Bus, Trailer as quickly as possible to get you back on the road in no time at all.  

Note-Not all repairs can be completed on the side of the road. Some trucks will need to be towed to the shop.
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